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My delivery flight from factory to Perth Australia

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Topic: My delivery flight from factory to Perth Australia
Posted By: Paul
Subject: My delivery flight from factory to Perth Australia
Date Posted: Dec-29-2008 at 5:22am

Hi all

This is my picture log for the series of flights from Independence Municipal to Perth, Australia.

Systems training went without a hitch, and I took delivery of my baby. My first leg was from KIDP to KIGQ, Lancing Municipal in Chicago. This was a short flight (1h36m), and I had a 112kt tailwind at FL370. Weather was good. Unfortunately my camera batteries died, and because of the Christmas season all stores were out of stock.

The second flight on the same day took a while to plan, but the tailwind at height persisted, and I decided to test the aircraft range. Goose Bay it would be. KIGQ to CYYR, 1300nm, estimated reserve 45 minutes, clear weather predicted. I was cutting it close, but made it.

It was an unnecessay risk, though, because getting to Greenland BGBW Narsarsuaq would be another short flight. Finally got some batteries, and mounted the camera on the Cessna appoved tail mount.

Unable to upload pics at this time. Watch this space for the unfolding story.



i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Jan-01-2009 at 12:12am
This is what it looked like on the way from Goose Bay to Narsarsuaq. In the back I had all the marine survival gear for these next few legs.

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Jan-01-2009 at 1:18am

From Narsarsuaq Reikjavik was next, with some peculiar atmospheric conditions for so far north. It was quite spectacular, though, unlike the icing I experienced en route. The Mustang's de-icing systems made quick work of the light build-up, and with the help of a 50kt tailwind BIRK was reached in 2h20min.

BIRK RWY29 in sight.

Final BIRK RWY 29.

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: Alsinor
Date Posted: Jan-01-2009 at 2:13am
Very Nice shots.

Thank you for your time. James

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Jan-01-2009 at 6:59am

Reikjavik Newcastle (England) was the next leg, again uneventful.

The cold weather was getting to me, and there was still lots more to come. Why on earth did I take delivery in the Northern Hemisphere winter? Oh yes, I remember. I could not wait any more... The heating system for the Mustang cockpit and cabin worked well, though.

Things turned bad in many places of the world recently, and I decided to steer clear of the Middle East and India. I spent some time in Siberia in the mid-90's, and I decided to go and visit a few old friends. This was unplanned for, and I had to wait in Newcastle while visas were obtained.

I had to enter Russia via Moscow, and decided to fly via Copenhagen, a city I had never been out of the airport of. I was recommended to contact a company called North Flying ( - ), as they operate a fleet of Citations, and also offer an Air Taxi service. I was to meet up with Stinne Hjorth, head of Charters/Ops. I was looking forward to showing them Cessna's newest addition, and they offered to sponsor my stay in Copenhagen. Sweet deal.

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: cal2177
Date Posted: Jan-01-2009 at 1:22pm
Nice shots and series, Paul. Keep 'em coming.

John Patterson

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Jan-05-2009 at 6:02am

Snow, icing and two incidents. That was my day of flying today. I should have stayed in Copenhagen, I think. And advice I can give is: Be careful what you wish for. The story went down like this:

Visas for Russia, Mongolia, and China arrived last night, and I was set to go. Had a late start to Copenhagen, and the flight was uneventful. I was truly heading back into the cold, though, and snow-covered ground greeted me on my STAR into EKCH.

The airport was just as cold, and I found out that waiting for the fuel truck without a coat is not a good idea, even outside North Flying's hangar!


And then things got worse... Due to weather I had a night-time departure to Moscow, and this was as good as the weather was going to get.

Climbing out of Copenhagen.

Once out of the bad stuff, I scanned the outside, and I suddenly felt quite down. I missed my family, the departure was very intense, and well, I felt lonely.

 Mustang systems were fine, and when I next scanned outside, I saw a plane, pictured here just above the moon.


But something was wrong. Not a word from ATC, and he passed about 500ft above me. I was climbing at the time, and a chill ran down my spine. I was watching a second plane on my port side, and it grew larger and larger, passing just behind me. Three planes in such close proximity, and ATC was silent.

After this, everything else seemed mundane, but the approach into UUEE Moscow had me alert again. Heavy snowfall, turbulence, and lots of icing. Could this leg get any worse? Yes, it could. I lost my way on the apron, and had to be towed to my parking spot.


I really need to get out of the cold.

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: Robert
Date Posted: Jan-05-2009 at 3:13pm

Great to hear your story of delivery.  Looking forward to the next part.

Posted By: evoras
Date Posted: Jan-05-2009 at 6:35pm
Great story and pics...very entertaining.


[IMG]" />

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Jan-06-2009 at 8:33am

Planning my leg to Chelyabinsk from Moscow, I spent more time looking at the Chelyabinsk Abakan leg, just trying to keep abreast of the weather.

Chelyabinsk to Abakan, the capital of Khakassia in South Siberia. Not many passenger flights a day, but quite a few cargo companies, one of which also serves Balandino in Chelyabinsk. There are heavy snowstorms at Abakan in December to January ( - ). Just my luck. But, onward and eastward, at this stage. It was an international airport, and I could thus cross into China for the next leg. Weather forecast for Abakan looked good until Friday ( - ), but it was as cold as Chelyabinsk ( - ).

I wanted some good low level flying conditions for a change, so I wanted to get to Abakan by Friday, if possible. And still spend a few days in Chelyabinsk. It was time to get moving.

Moscow however had snow forecast the whole week, with a snow storm today, but Thursday and Friday looked the best. Safety first, and I decided to wait.

There are worse places to spend time than Moscow, although I had a few interesting memories from my last visit. A fond memory was my visit to the Bolshoi theatre stage ( - )), although the actual ballet company was performing in the State Kremlin Palace that week. Speak about tight security!

Nothing like that tomorrow night, and I am previleged to have a ticket to Swan Lake in the Bolshoi theatre. Cool! -

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Jan-09-2009 at 3:14am

Moscow to Balandino airport in Chelyabinsk was uneventful, apart from the expected snow on departure and arrival. There was a very interesting cloud formation, and I had to share that. The rising warm air spread out over a wide flat area, and I had never seen one this large. 

The real fun started when I was waiting to enter RWY09 at Balandino bound for Abakan, when a scheduled plane was cleared to approach RWY27. It registered, but I did not make the connection. ATC cleared me to enter the runway, and take off. The plane was cleared to land, and the pictures show how close we came. This makes it the second incident...

This part of Siberia is full of small lakes, and the legend is that a Princess once threw her mirror down, and the shattered pieces are what you see. Certainly looks like that.

Messing around with displays froze both the PFD and MFD, and in fact I had no control whatsoever. With no ability to switch on de-icing, no guidance to the airport apart from ATC's "airport is 23 miles at your 10 o'clock", and thankfully a working set of backup instruments, I flew low. Very low.

Touchdown was a religious experience after the last 50 nm of this leg. If it wasn't for my printed out flight plan and the good old standby compass, I don't know if I would have made it to Abakan airport.

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: Paul
Date Posted: Mar-25-2013 at 1:46am
Whilst I am not allowed to comment on how I spent the last four years in Abakan, I am about to commence the next leg of my delivery tour with a leg to Diwopu in Urumqi, Western China.

It was a warm day in Abakan, -2 degC, ISA-15 degC, QNH1022. I think she is going to climb nicely today. Site of an ancient Chinese palace ruin discovered in the 1940s, it was appropriate to make the next stop a Chinese airport.

It was a short flight of only 630nm, but the view over the show-covered Altay mountains was quite impressive.

No pictures this leg. My camera was not returned to me.

i7-920, GTX280 x 2, 6Gb, HAF932, Vista U 64bit.

Posted By: nemisis34
Date Posted: Apr-07-2013 at 4:25am

what an adventure

-------------" rel="nofollow - Blink Virtual The VA for Mustang Pilots

Posted By: Matt_B_1978
Date Posted: Jul-03-2015 at 3:11am
Have you made it to Perth yet?


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