It’s an entirely new kind of business jet. One that’s designed - and priced - to bring the dream of jet ownership comfortably within reach of a whole new class of upwardly eager operators. The good news is that you don’t have to own a real Cessna Mustang to fly this revolutionary airplane. Flight One Software and Cessna Aircraft Company have teamed up to provide you with the most authentic Citation Mustang simulation available outside of a multimillion-dollar full-motion simulator. Whether you’re a real-world pilot or a simulation enthusiast, this highly realistic add-on aircraft for Microsoft® Flight Simulator X will let you experience the Citation Mustang for yourself.

Turn your dream into reality

The Citation Mustang is single-pilot certified, so it’s the ideal jet for your simulated hangar. In the cockpit you’ll find the systems, switches, and avionics of the real Mustang, all modeled with unprecedented realism.


Learn your way around the realistic cockpit

Flying the Flight One Mustang will teach you to think like a real Mustang pilot. Key features include:

  • A highly realistic 3D “virtual cockpit” and photorealistic 2D panels.
  • Advanced FADEC engine power management and authentic Crew Alert System (CAS) indicators.
  • Mustang-specifc Garmin G1000 functionality, including a GFC 700 autopilot and WAAS approaches.


Lose yourself in a highly immersive simulation experience

With a 1,150 NM range, a certified ceiling of 41,000 feet, and a maximum cruise speed of 340 KTAS, your new Mustang will get you where you’re going, in style. From startup to shutdown, you’ll swear you’re behind the controls of the real thing.